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Name:  Matteo

Surname: Beretta

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Birth date: 23/03/1994

Residence:  Monte Marenzo (LC)

Hobby: Triathlon, Gym, Soccer.

Spoken languages:  English, Italian.
  • 3rd place race 1 Montmelò F3 OPEN (Spagna) 2011
  • 1st podium in F3 OPEN (UK) 2010
  • Vice European Champion KF2 (Francia) 2009
  • Vice Asia Champion KF2 (Giappone)2009
  • 2nd all-time at European Selection KF3 (Italia) 2008
  • 5th all-time at European Champion KF3 (Italia) 2007
  • Winner at European Selection KF3 (Rep. Ceca) 2007
  • Winner of Italian Champion 100cc (Italia) 2006
Matteo Beretta  
Matteo_BerettaMatteo’s career has been starting in 2001 by Karting on 50cc on the track “Le Sirene” in Viverone. From here it began the urge of Matteo to show all his value and his conviction that is the same of today, be the number one.

Matteo is an extroverted, happy, tenacious boy and always determined, one of the most important factors in the world of motorsport. Before the transition on single seat car began in the beginning in 2010, Matteo had important results in the world of karting, putting him more under the light of his goal: become a professional driver.

To realize it, Matteo is constantly engaged on his five training for week, to get always physically and mentality ready.

The target of this year is win the championship, and continue to get experience in the world of motorsport.>