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As each year in the international racing circuit of Monza take place the second most important event after the F1, the MONSTER MONZA RALLY SHOW. Held November 28 to 30 Matteo participated in the premier class WRC 2.0 with the team from Piacenza RP MOTORSPORT sailed expert FABRIZIO CARRARA. The event full of people like VALENTINO ROSSI, LEWIS HAMILTON, ROBERT KUBICA, TONI CAIROLI, KEN BLOCK etc ... consisted of nine special tests divided between the standard track with the addition of chicane and the old and glorious high up. For Matteo it was the first experience in this important event, but despite this, he has shown all his class, pushing always to the limit his Ford Focus WRC 2.0 in untangled path. In fact, Matteo until the seventh special stage was first class and eighth overall. And just when he was about to bring home the win the bad luck come again on Matteo, which in the middle of the eighth and penultimate special stage, his car for a short circuit to a control unit started to lose power causing the final withdrawal from the competition . A huge disappointment considering all the speed demonstrated and when the victory was close. Despite what happen, it has been an exciting race where Matteo has once again demonstrated its worth as a pilot. Now the 2014 season it is over, but Matteo is already preparing himself to be at maximum, waiting to know the programs for 2015.
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news420/07/2014 - Perfect Weekend for Matteo on the British circuit of Silverstone..

Perfect Weekend to Matteo in the 5th round of the International GT Open. The young Italian talent driver has managed to capture a fantastic victory in Race 1 and an incredible 2nd place in Race 2, despite the 20-second handicap accumulated by the previous podiums. The weekend started with free practice on Thursday, immediately Matteo showed all his potential. The weather variable with continuous rainying did not make things easy, in fact, the qualifications were held on a wet track. And here Matteo in Qualifying 2 has got a fantastic 2nd place overall for the starting grid for Race 2 while his partner Joel Camathias got a good 5th place overall for the grid for Race 1. In Race 1, after the good start of Joel, Matteo took the car during the driver change in 5th place, beginning an impressive comeback to 2nd place, where in the half of the final round was able to launch the attack winning for the first position, then going on to win. A sweaty victory that gives glory to all the efforts made. Instead, Race 2 Matteo started from the front row is clicked right away well by taking the first position and holding it until the driver change by getting a lead of about 20 seconds in the third place, so Joel had to just finish the job of bringing the car to 2nd place GTS and the 5th place overall. A weekend to be framed which bodes well for the championship final. The next stage of the International GT Open will be on the Belgian circuit of Spa Francorchamps.


It took place in the days 20-21-22 June, the third round of the International GT Open on the circuit of Jerez de la Frontera, where the young driver shared the car with the Swiss Joel Camathias. It’s been and amazing weekend, despite the second penalty Matteo was able to get two fantastic third place, showing all his skills. A really good positive time for Matteo where he got a good 6 podiums in the last 4 weekends. Now the young guy is 4th standings overall to just 8 points away from the top. The next race will take place on the twisty Hungaroring circuit in Budapest.

A great return to Matteo in the arms of Autorlando. In fact, the driver  from Bergamo had already participated with the team directed by Orlando Redolfi the last 4 races of the GT OPEN in 2012. A combination that meets again to aim high, where Matteo  grew through 2013, and now he is ready to make the leap with one of the fastest cars in the European market: the Porsche 911 GT3RS. Matteo  will race in the 'International GT Open with a drivers of all relief as ISAAC TUTUMLU, and he will also participate in one of the hardest endurance championships, the BLANCPAIN ENDURANCE SERIES, but his teammates are still to be decided. A season that promises more than
proactive, with the desire to grow more and more, and always be at the top of the charts.


It ‘s been an horrible week-end to forget for Matteo in his home circuit in Monza, where the unfortune ruled the roost . In fact, Matteo failed to win any points in both races , reducing the chance to win the championship. The weekend started out in the best way , in fact Matteo got the 1st place in free practice 1 and 3rd in free practice 2 . In qualifying after the rain fell during the night saw capture the 10th place for race 1 by Matteo’s team mate Michael Lyons , while the young Italian has got a fantastic 2nd place in the grid for race 2. The races were full of twists , in fact after a good start by Michael , just after 4 laps , was involved an accident without any guilt , and consequently the withdrawal . In race 2, a wrong choice for wet track conditions, made impossible to compete with their rivals and the two AF Corse drivers finished with the 6th place overall . A very bad weekend considering the speed that Matteo had imposed since the first free practice session . Now Matteo is 4th in the championship with 11 points behind the lead, but in the last round of Barcelona Matteo will fight till the end for the victory, and to remain in the top 3 in championship.

After the unlucky week-end of Blancpain Endurance Series in amazing circuit of Nurburgring, matteo will race in the GT Sprint Championship at circuit of Imola with Ombra Racing Team. The week-end will be in data 28-29 Septembre..
It took place on the weekend from 10 to 12 may, in the circuit of Algarve in Portimao, in Portugal, the second round of the International GT Open. The free practice started Thursday, which gave to Matteo the possibility to know and to control the set up on his Ferrari 458 Italia GT3. After testing the enthusiasm was high and Matteo in qualifying 1 lost the pole position for a tactical error, returning to the pits to early. Race 1 was very unlucky for Matteo, who while he was in 4th place, he had a contact with a GT2 car, sending out Matteo to the track, also burning the clutch, and consequently the withdrawal. In race 2, Matteo and his teammate Michael Lyons, after an excellent
start managed to conquer a fantastic second place, project them 3rd in the GTS classification, only 4 points
from the first position. The next round will be in the amazing Nurburgring circuit on 2-3 June.

news412/05//2013 - Second place for Matteo in Portimao.
It took place on the weekend from 10 to 12 may, in the circuit of Algarve in Portimao, in Portugal, the second round of the International GT Open. The free practice started Thursday, which gave to Matteo the possibility to know and to control the set up on his Ferrari 458 Italia GT3. After testing the enthusiasm was high and Matteo in qualifying 1 lost the pole position for a tactical error, returning to the pits to early. Race 1 was very unlucky for Matteo, who while he was in 4th place, he had a contact with a GT2 car, sending out Matteo to the track, also burning the clutch, and consequently the withdrawal. In race 2, Matteo and his teammate Michael Lyons, after an excellent
start managed to conquer a fantastic second place, project them 3rd in the GTS classification, only 4 points
from the first position. The next round will be in the amazing Nurburgring circuit on 2-3 June.

news428/04//2013 - Good start for Matteo in Intenational  Gt OpeN.
Satisfactory start for Matteo in his first race of the International GT Open Championship in the circuit of Paul Ricard. Despite the weather variable the young driver after a bad qualifying concluded with the 10th place, he managed to get to the finish line in race 1 with a really good 3rd place. In race 2  his teammate Michael Lyons with a contact during the start, he has squandered the possibility of a good result. Now Matteo is 4th in the championship while waiting for the next race in Portugal.

news423/04/2013 - Matteo with AF Corse in the International GT Open.
After his debut in middle of 2012 in GT Category on board a Porsche GT3RS, Matteo decided to continue HIS path running in the International GT Open with one of the most important teams in the world, AF Corse. The first race will be in the beautiful circuit of Paul Ricard in the last week-end of April from 26th to 28th. Matteo will ride along with Michael Lyons, a young but experienced driver who has racing since two years with the Ferrari’s group. We wish many luck to Matteo

news418/10/2012 - Fantastic victory for Matteo on his home track in Monza.
We already arrived at the second last round of the International GT Open in circuit of Monza, Matteo has managed to win after the two victories of Le Castellet, another great victory in race 1 in GTS class. With the track still wet and uncertain weather, race 1 was a series of twists and turns.
Started from the 5th place on wet track, Matteo has climbed up the rankings till the 3rd place, and then he has done the driver change with his teammate Marcello Puglisi, who found himself in first place, due to the handicap second inflicted to the other driver. In race 2, Matteo finished in 4th place after the team orders to facilitate the work of other Autorlando Sport Team’s car, still in contention for the championship.
However, a great result for Matteo who showed once again his talent on his home circuit in Monza.

news418/09/2012 - Matteo at 100th race of GT Open Championship of Hungaroring circuit.
It has taken place in the Hungaroring track in Budapest the 100th race of GT Open Championship. The weekend started Thursday afternoon with a series of private tests put immediately highlight the difficulty of the track where Matteo had several problems set up in his porsche 911 GT3 R. Friday after the usual free practice, in the qualifying Matteo got a good 5th place while his team-mate Marcello Puglisi got a decent 8th . Race 1 was a succession of emotions, after the stint of Puglisi, Matteo was only in 10th place forced to climb the standings, retrieving lap after lap Matteo has managed to take a good 3th place despite the handicap of 20 seconds. Race 2 Matteo got a good 5th place, but disadvantaged by 25 second handicap. The next event is the home Grand Prix in Monza where obviously are all invited.

news423/07/2012 - Fantastic week-end for Matteo with his first victory in GT.
The fifth round on the French circuit of “Paul Ricard” Matteo has obtained his first victory in GT. In fact already during the free practice on Friday Matteo got excellent chronometric detection made then in qualifying 1 with the 2nd time of class. While his fellow Puglisi got a good 4th place. Race 1 duration 70 minutes saw win after a painful race our Matteo, but joy has just lasted few hours because it has been cancelled due of a technical irregularity carried out naively to reduce noise of Porsche 997 GT3. Sunday, the desire to redeem himself from this error led Matteo again on the highest podium, proving its value and only in the second race came the first victory in GT. For Matteo has been a fantastic emotion the first victory, that make him happy with a good point of view for the next race that have to be choose.

news417/07/2012 - Good week-end for Matteo on the circuit of Brands Hatch.
With the change of category from the European F3 Open to the GT Open Matteo had the possibility with his team-mate Marcello Puglisi on the difficult track of Brands Hatch to get a good result in the GTS category driving a Porsche GT3 R by Autorlando team. The weekend was difficult, due to bad weather conditions and the inexperience of driving with a car so powerful. In race 1 under torrential rain Matteo and Marcello got a good 4th place, while in race 2 departed from the bottom of the grid due to a mechanical problem in qualifying the two drivers got an excellent 3rd place going up on the podium. Even if was the first race, the result was excellent, waiting to get better results in the next race at Paul Ricard circuit that will take apart the following week-end.

news418/06/2012 - In Spa the third race of the European F3 Open.
On 22-23-24 June will be at the historic and beautiful circuit of Spa Franchoshamp the third race of the European F3 open.
After the first two races Matteo has earned only few points for the championship, the time has come for a ransom.
The goal is to make important points ahead of the League being on the podium.The sessions will begin Friday.

Here's the schedule:
Friday: Free practice 1 - 09.00/09.30
Free practice 2 - 14.05/14.35

Saturday: Qualifying 1 - 10.45/11.05
Race 1 - 16.30

Sunday: Qualifying 2 - 09.30/09.50
Gara 2 - 12.00

news404/05/2012 - Difficult begin in the first round of European F3 Open
Finally started with the first race in Portugal at the Algarve circuit, the championship of the European F3 Open, where Matteo has immediately wanted show his potential. 
The weather has been the master, with continuous bursts of water that made the weekend unpredictable.
The practice started Thursday and Friday were disturbed by the incessant rains. 
Saturday has done qualifying 1 where it determines the starting order of race 1.
Here Matteo has gained a good 4th place at only 0,257 thousandths off pole position. 
In race 1 after a good start, the Italian driver finished only 7 ° not perfectly comfortable with the set up of his car. 
Sunday they took place, the qualifying 2 ands race 2 under a huge rain, where Matteo was ranked twice in 6th place. 
It 's been a difficult weekend, because of bad weather and inexperience on the car where there is much work to do to improve performance and reduce the gap with other teams.

news426/04/2012 - Getting ready for the first race of the European F3 open in Portimao.
From 26 till 29 April at the Portuguese track of Algarve will take place the first race of the European F3 Open Championship, where Matteo will be with the colors of Cedars Auto- Sport. After the winter test and pre-season, the morale is very high and the desire to achieve a good result is great. Being the first race we don’t know the real potential of all others teams, but Matteo with his team will give the maximum to win the competition.

The weekend will start Thursday with two sessions of 50 minutes.
Follow on live streaming the time of all practice on the website

Here is the program:
10.00/10.50 Private test
15.05/15.55 Private test

09.30/10.00 Free Pratice 1
12.15/12.45 Free Pratice 2
15.50/16.20 Free Pratice 3

09.55/10.25 Qualifying 1
16.45 Race 1

08.55/09.25 Qualifying 2
11.25 Race – 2

news402/04/2012 - Matteo in Valencia with the Auto Gp.
In conjunction with the WTCC world champioship took place at the Circuit de Valencia Ricardo Tormo the second round of the Auto Gp Champipnship.
This time Matteo was with the colours of Zele Racing.

The weekend was long and challenging started Thursday afternoon with the free practice while the qualifying were Friday, where Matteo is placed in 12th position.

Saturday race 1 in the final acts due to oil leak for the brooken of the engine of another driver, many car have been involved in head and tail off, and unfortunately, Matteo has been buffered, consequently the withdrawal.

In race 2 he finished in 11th position, slowed by a pit-stop "not perfect"...

news412/03/2012 - Unlucky week-end full of difficulties for Matteo.
In the 2nd week-end of March has played in Monza the first race of Auto GP World Series Championship. Matteo had taken part under the color of English team Virtuosi UK.

After the qualification Matteo finished with the 14th position on the greed with many difficulties to understand the character of the new car, even though he was determined to improve the results. A cause of bureaucratic problem Matteo didn’t race 1 and he couldn’t show all his potential.

In race 2 an error from the Italian drive, he forced to start from the pit-lane, but few laps after Matteo was forced to the withdrawal for the broken of the left suspension.

Week-end to forget for the young driver, waiting to have a revenge, maybe, in the 2nd race of Auto GP World Series Championship.

news407/03/2012 - Matteo began his season with Auto GP in Monza.
In the week-end from 9th till 11th March, Matteo will be engaged at the first round of Auto GP World Series in Monza. The italian driver will be employed with an hard test, in fact, it will be the second time on board of the Lola motorized by Zytek. Matteo will be apart with the new entrant team Virtuosi UK and the all week-end will be follow by the FIA-WTCC.

The timetable:
Friday 9th
09.45 – 10.15 Auto GP Free Practice 1
13.15 – 13.45 Auto GP Free Practice 2
16.00 – 16.30 Auto GP Qualifying

Saturday 10th
11.45 Auto GP Race 1

Sunday 11th
11.45 Auto GP Race 2

news403/11/2011 - Auto GP – 18 pilots at Magione for the first day of tests
Sono ben 18 i piloti che questa mattina sul circuito di Magione sono scesi in pista per partecipare alla prima giornata dei test Auto GP. Uno schieramento vario sia per esperienza che per nazionalità, visto che tra i cordoli del circuito umbro sono scesi in pista piloti di sette Paesi diversi, e con ben tre campioni in carica tra le sue fila.
Il team Campos Racing è sceso in pista con il Campione Italiano della Superstars Alberto Cerqui e con l’argentino Facundo Regalia, quest’anno al via della F3 Italiana.
Il team Griffitz Durango ha invece schierato gli italiani Christian Mancinelli e Andrea Cecchellero, già al via della F.Renault 2.0.
Tre piloti per il team Lazarus che schiera due protagonisti della F3 Italiana: Michael Lewis, vice-campione in carica, e il francese della Ferrari Driver Academy Brandon Maisano sono affiancati da Fabrizio Crestani, pilota titolare del team nel 2011 che darà loro un utile riferimento.
Stesso ruolo per Luca Filippi, in pista con la SuperNova insieme all’israeliano Alon Day, in F3 tedesca nel 2011, e l’americano Imran Husain.
Ben quattro i piloti che si alternano sulle vetture della new-entry MLR71: il proprietario della scuderia Michele La Rosa è affiancato da Giacomo Ricci, mentre sull’altra vettura sono saliti il Campione della F3 Italiana Sergio Campana e Simone Iaquinta.
Line-up mista per il team TP Formula, con Pasquale Di Sabatino, già al via dell’Auto GP 2011 e il russo Sergey Sirotkin, campione della F.Abarth European Series.
Ombra Racing, infine, ha schierato il venezuelano Giancarlo Serenelli, protagonista della F. Latam, e Matteo Beretta, al via dell’European F3 Open nella stagione appena conclusa.

L’organizzatore dell’evento ha preferito non diramare una lista ufficiale dei tempi, ma secondo indiscrezioni il più veloce della giornata sarebbe risultato Luca Filippi, con un tempo attorno all’ 1’02″00 (record ufficioso della pista).

Magione, 3 novembre, Entry-list

Campos Racing Alberto Cerqui – Facundo Regalia
Griffitz Durango Christian Mancinelli – Andrea Cecchellero
Lazarus Brandon Maisano – Michael Lewis – Fabrizio Crestani
MLR71 Sergio Campana – Simone Iaquinta – Giacomo Ricci – Michele La Rosa
Ombra Racing Giancarlo Serenelli – Matteo Beretta
SuperNova Alon Day – Imran Husain – Luca Filippi
TP Formula Pasquale Di Sabatino – Sergei Sirotkin

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news313/10/2011 - Matteo Beretta confident at Jerez about European F.3 Open
Si disputerà il prossimo fine settimana il penultimo atto stagionale dell’ European F.3 Open, la serie che, dopo la tappa italiana andata in scena ad inizio mese sulla pista di Monza, si concluderà con la doppia trasferta spagnola a Jerez e successivamente il 29 / 30 Ottobre Barcellona.

Matteo Beretta riparte fiducioso in vista dell’imminente impegno agonistico dopo le ottime potenzialità espresse sulla pista di casa davanti ai propri amici e supporters: il pilota lombardo infatti dopo il buon 5° tempo in qualifica, ha ottenuto il 7° posto in gara 1, mentre nella seconda frazione è stato coinvolto nella bagarre iniziale dovendo rimontare da fondo classifica fino alla 7° posizione. Certamente il portacolori del team RP Motorsport con un po’ più di fortuna avrebbe potuto raccogliere risultati di assoluto livello e nettamente alla sua portata.

Matteo infatti si è dimostrato in costante crescita nell’arco dell’anno, raccogliendo i frutti del suo impegno profuso con continuità dall’inizio della stagione ed in ottima sinergia con il personale del team RP Motorsport e a Jerez, su una pista tecnica e impegnativa, le sue doti velocistiche avranno modo di emergere ulteriormente.

MATTEO BERETTA: “E’ stato un peccato non aver potuto concretizzare l’elevato potenziale espresso a Monza, è stato un week end davvero sfortunato! Adesso sono concentrato e motivato in vista dell’impegno sulla pista spagnola, un tracciato molto selettivo che apprezzo particolarmente. Ci tengo davvero tanto a chiudere la stagione 2011 con delle belle prestazioni! ”.
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news227/10/2011 - Matteo Beretta at Barcellona for the last of’ European f.3 Open
La stagione 2011 dell’ European F.3 Open vedrà l’epilogo questo fine settimana a Barcellona dove, sul tracciato spagnolo, si sfideranno per l’ultima volta in una doppia gara i protagonisti di questo importante campionato. Tra i nomi di spicco ci sarà anche quello di Matteo Beretta, il veloce pilota lombardo che ha già dimostrato in più occasioni nel corso dell’anno di essere estremamente determinato e competitivo: purtroppo la cattiva sorte gli ha impedito di concretizzare in pieno il potenziale espresso in pista. Gli addetti ai lavori lo considerano comunque uno dei giovani più talentuosi emersi nel corso dell’anno, alla luce anche dell’ottimo lavoro di messa a punto e sviluppo della Dallara F308 – Toyota preparata dal team RP Motorsport.

La pista catalana si presenta congeniale alle caratteristiche di guida di Matteo, infatti nelle sessioni di test sostenute, il driver lecchese si è posizionato con continuità ai vertici delle classifiche, risultando estremamente costante e continuo nei tempi sul giro.

MATTEO BERETTA: “Spero di raccogliere due bei risultati sul circuito di Barcellona per concludere al meglio la stagione 2011. La pista mi piace particolarmente, alterna dei tratti molto veloci a dei curvoni in appoggio molto impegnativi. Sarà importante trovare un buon compromesso nell’assetto per poter essere al top lungo tutto il tracciato. Non sarà un week end facile perché molti rivali hanno voglia di concludere anche loro la stagione con un buon risultato e la lotta in vetta alle classifiche sarà ancora più combattuta. Sono fiducioso e spero di finire la stagione con due belle prestazioni! “.
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Dopo le prime due tappe stagionali disputate a Valencia e a Magny Cours, il campionato European F.3 Open fa tappa questo fine settimana sul prestigioso circuito di Spa Francorchamps per il terzo appuntamento che vede tra i piloti di primo piano Matteo Beretta.
Il pilota lecchese quest’anno si sta cimentando con notevole grinta e dedizione in questa esperienza internazionale supportato al meglio dal personale del team RP Motorsport:
Matteo infatti ha stretto una collaborazione molto proficua con i tecnici che approntano la sua Dallara F308 – Toyota a partire dai primi test stagionali disputati tra le altre piste anche sull’impianto belga.
Il giovane driver lombardo nei due giorni di test effettuati a Spa ha potuto conoscere il tracciato e iniziare il lavoro sul set up della monoposto, dimostrando ancora una volta una sorprendente capacità e rapidità di adattamento all’impegnativa pista belga.

MATTEO BERETTA: “Sono molto fiducioso in vista di questo impegno dopo aver sostenuto una buona sessione di test le scorse settimane a Monza. Mi auguro che il tempo sia bello in quanto in caso di pioggia verrebbero rimescolati i valori in campo e il tracciato si presenterà ancora più insidioso, di certo non sarebbe la condizione ideale per gareggiarci per la prima volta”.
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